Annual Conference Information

Yakima Convention Center

Dear Members, Retired Guests, Speakers and Sponsors,


With deep regret and much consideration, I am complying with public health recommendations and cancelling (actually postponing) our 50th Annual Conference in March.  This decision was not made lightly and it was very difficult with the situation being fluid and each county having different regulations.


I will be exploring options to reschedule the conference at a later date and since we always wished we could have it in warmer weather, perhaps this is the year.  It would be nice if “The Palm Springs of Washington” were actually warm when we visit.


WMCA will stand to lose a substantial amount of money due to contractual obligations including facility rental, food and service charges, room night guarantees, speaker fees, etc.  I will be back in touch next week after I gather information.

Paula Swisher, MMC

WMCA President

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