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Welcome to the WMCA Scholarship Program!

WMCA'S purpose includes:

  • Promoting professional and educational standards for Municipal Clerks in various local governments of the State of Washington.
  • Provide improved local governmental services in the State.
  • Promoting the purposes defined in the Constitution of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

As part of our ongoing focus on providing our members with educational opportunities, we have developed several scholarships that provide financial assistance to members who might not be able to participate due to funding restrictions.

Please direct any questions to the Scholarship Committee Co-Chair’s, Kassi Mackie at 360-442-5046 / kassi.mackie@ci.longview.wa.us and Treva Percival at 360-761-7801/ tpercival@cityofbuckley.com. 

Please review the Scholarship Guidelines prior to submitting your application for:

  • WMCA General Scholarship (for WMCA Annual Conference, Spring Academy or Fall Academy, Fall Athenian Dialogue (or combined Fall Athenian and Academy) (Page 1)
  • Margery Price Scholarship Program (for those who have attained their CMC designation and would like to attend Spring Academy, PD IV, Fall Conference, an Athenian Dialogue, or IIMC Conference) (Page 2)
  • Northwest Clerks Institute PD I, PD II, and PD III Scholarship (Page 3)

Scholarship Recipients

Please submit the following items to receive reimbursement for your WMCA scholarship award:

  • Scholarship Reimbursement Request Form 
  • Copy of Certificate of Attendance/Completion



Application Period

WMCA Spring Virtual Education Days

Athenian Dialogue (only), Fall Academy (only) or Fall Athenian and Academy (combined)

 Registration Only  A maximum of 10 scholarships will be offered to members in good standing, on a first-come, first serve basis. Interested members must submit a request for reimbursement form following full attendance.  

WMCA Annual Conference

Registration Only


WMCA Annual Conference - First Time Attendee

Lodging (3 nights at Conference Hotel Rate) & Registration


Spring Academy

Registration Only


IIMC Advanced Academy or IIMC Conference

Registration (up to $500)


Northwest Clerks Institute/

Professional Development  I

Registration & Lodging


Northwest Clerks Institute

Professional Development  II & PD III

Registration Only


Northwest Clerks Institute

Professional Development  IV

Registration Only


Fall Athenian Dialogue (only), Fall Academy (only) or Fall Athenian and Academy (combined)

Registration Only

Scholarship applications are due by August 31, 2021. 

Scholarships may also be available from IIMC and regional clerks associations. 


Click on the links below for more information about reimbursements
from the following insurance authorities:

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA)

WCIA will reimburse member entities once a year for the following trainings:
WMCA Fall Academy
WMCA Spring Academy
Northwest Clerks Institute – Professional Development I
Northwest Clerks Institute – Professional Development II
Northwest Clerks Institute – Professional Development III

Northwest Clerks Institute – Professional Development IV

Cities Insurance Authority of Washington (CIAW)

CIAW offers scholarships to their members for training that further develops the
applicant’s abilities in his/her position or improving the functions of the entity.

AWC RMSA Co-operative Scholarship Programs

RMSA has a budgeted amount set aside on a first-come-first-serve basis,
to help members attend workshops and trainings.

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